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I was trying to sell my house and John came by to see it. With the stress of selling the house, I found someone I could trust. Not knowing how to deal with the process, they handled it with courtesy and thoughtfulness. They gave me time to sort out my affairs. Several people saw my house and John offered me more money for my house, and without any hassles.

- Ann L., Northeast Metro Atlanta, GA

My house needed a lot of repairs and I wasn't sure how I was going to be able to sell it. Sugarloaf Property Group saw the house and made me an offer the same day. Everything went very smooth and will be recommending them to anybody else that wants to sell their home without making repairs.

- Ronald D., Northeast Metro Atlanta, GA

My home was listed with an agent for months and there were a couple offers from buyers that didn't go through. I was at my wits end when I found John at Sugarloaf Property Group. They made me a cash offer and closed within a week! I couldn't believe it. I wish I had found them before listing it. That would have saved me a lot of time, money and headaches.

- Bill J., Northeast Metro Atlanta, GA

The experience I had with the people at Sugarloaf Property Group was truly a win-win for all parties. John and his firm were professional, and a pleasure to do business with. The transaction was smooth and I was well informed throughout the entire process. Thanks John and good luck in future endeavors.

- Stephanie M. Atlanta GA

Thanks for the quick close. I had too many irons in the fire at one time, both personally and professionally. I did not have the time, energy, or money to fix and manage this house. That extra monthly payment had become a serious problem. Sugarloaf Property Group gave me the resolution I needed. Quickly and honestly. I would not hesitate to refer you to anyone needing to sell their home quickly, "as-is, where-is".

- Keith M. Norcross, GA

Due to our pending divorce and my loss of job among other problems, we had no choice but to sell our house. We tried to sell through a real estate agent with no success due to the condition of the house, even though we were in a great Golf, Swim, and Tennis community. John at Sugarloaf Property Group came in and bought our house as it was, taking over the payments that we were no longer able to make. We were in no situation to repair the house ourselves and were about to be foreclosed on. They saved my credit. I can now move on with my life. Thanks Sugarloaf Property Group for helping me to make the best out of an awful situation!

- Leslie G. Dacula, GA

Our house had been neglected for many years. We hired a contractor to repair it for us. He did some things right, but did not finish and hid a lot of problems. The house still wouldn't sell. Our health was failing and we had to move to assisted living. You bought the house from us just as it was and took on the repairs yourself. My wife recently passed away. Thanks to your help we were able to give her a decent funeral service. I will be eternally grateful.

- D. Grimes Decatur, GA

After dealing with one bad tenant after the other our reserves were gone. I did not want to mess up my credit but could not afford to continue trying to manage this property. Thanks John at Sugarloaf Property Group for taking over the payments and bailing us out!

- Mr. Talley Doraville, GA

You blokes came along just in time. Thank you for giving me a quick, fair deal. I was moving back to Ireland to start a new family business and was running out of time. Everything was gone except my house and a van. Thanks to John and the folks at Sugarloaf Property Group I was able to get back to Ireland to be with my wife and children in time to close on our new business.

- Brandon O. Lilburn, GA

Thank You Sugarloaf Property Group!

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